Maple Mountain Martial Arts Reviews

  • Lynn R Myers, Maple Mountain Martial Arts Testimonials

    Ty Hatfield is one of the best of the best, I have come to know him over the years and I can tell you that his heart is huge and he sincerely cares about the success and happiness of his students and all of us

    Lynn R Myers
  • Emily A Covey, Maple Mountain Martial Arts Testimonials

    My son begged and begged us to do karate so we let him try it out at Maple Mountain Martial Arts and he has loved it! When I first thought of karate I thought he'd be doing kicks, punches and working on a few skills. When we began the program we quickly learned that there was a whole lot more to it including endurance and strength training, team work, learning respect and several life skills. MMMA focuses on leadership and responsibility skills. They care about each of their students and provide a positive learning environment where the kids are working hard, learning and having fun. I'd reccomend this program to anyone.

    Emily A Covey
  • Megan Hansen Mayfield, Maple Mountain Martial Arts Testimonials

    We recently took advantage of a web special that included 6 weeks of classes and uniforms. The price was awesome and the best part was there was no pressure to commit to sign up for classes. After the first class, both of my kids were hooked. The instructors are wonderful. They take the time to get to know each child's name and give them the individual attention they need, especially when working on new skills. My kids immediately felt like they belonged and were part of the group. After class, the instructors came over to meet me and let me know how my kids did that day. Every day my five year old asks when she gets to go to karate again!

    The owner, Mr. Kelly, did a great job explaining the different programs for my kids' age groups. He works hard to get to know the kids and their families. It's obvious that he has a passion for teaching and he wants the kids to learn and have success. These classes also make learning fun, which is why my kids are excited to go. We will definitely be continuing to take classes at Maple Mountain Martial Arts!

    Megan Hansen Mayfield
  • Sheryl Stout Jepson, Maple Mountain Martial Arts Testimonials

    This place is wonderful! We absolutely love that our boys have learned this amazing skill from kind, caring and helpful instructors! We love MMMA!

    Sheryl Stout Jepson
  • Jamison Richey, Maple Mountain Martial Arts Testimonials

    Tons of fun! I signed up just to try something new having no background in martial arts. I got welcomed like family and had a blast at the same time!

    Jamison Richey
  • Richard B Pryor, Maple Mountain Martial Arts Testimonials

    Awsome place to go very family oriented positive atmosphere and great people to work with all around

    Richard B Pryor
  • Tarzan Murdock, Maple Mountain Martial Arts Testimonials

    A true home, where dedication teaches inspiration. Maple Mountain Martial Arts has given me more than I can ever give back. Through the stuggles and hardships of training and the joys of achievement I will always keep the tenets of MMMA with me.

    Tarzan Murdock
  • Atom Wake Land, Maple Mountain Martial Arts Testimonials

    Love this place. The instructors are amazing. My child looks forward to class every week.

    Atom Wake Land
  • Mick-Bonscott Christopherson, Maple Mountain Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great environment, great people, great fun. Maple mountain martial arts.

    Mick-Bonscott Christopherson


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